Ankhiya Udeek Diya (Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 5) | Ft. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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Original Song Credit

    Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Cover Song Credit

    Lead Singer - Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    Director of Commercial Business - Salman Ahmed
    General Manager - Aamir Hasan
    Event Coordinator - Sarah Siddiqui
    Side Singer - Wajahat Ali Khan
    Chorus Singer -Ali Raza
    Chorus Singer - Farhat Ali
    Chorus Singer - Ghulam Abbas
    Saxophone - Rashid Ali
    Acoustic Guitar - Tanveer Hussain
    Key Board - Suleman Ali
    Piano - Imran Akhtar
    Tabla - Amir Ali
    Dholak - Ghulam Shahbaz
    Side Singer - Asif Maqbool Chishti
    Chorus Singer - Nafees Ahmad
    Acoustic Bass Guitar - Salman Ashraf
    Acoustic Drum - Nadeem Ashraf
    Sound Engineer - Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed


Awesong - Music Redefined | February 7, 2016

Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 5 brings to you this brand new version of ‘’ by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Lyrics :-
“Akhyaan Udheekdeeyaa Dil Wajan Maarda
Aa Jaa Pardaiseyaa Wasta Ee Payaar Da
Aa Ja O Tainoo Akhyaan Udekdeeyaan
Sajna Wai Tainoo Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan
Hooooo, Jadoon Da Toon Russ Gaoon Sahdai Nal Dholna
Bhul Gaya Kanvaan No Banairai Utaai Bolna

Hoo Rahvaan Tak Tak Thak Gaee Yaan Main
Kalyaa Reh Reh Ak Gaee Yaan Main
Ik Ik Pal Gin Gin Kai Guuzardan

Aa Ja Pardaiseyaa Wasta Ee Payaar Da
Aa Ja Atainoo Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan
Sajna Tainoo Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan

Chaitee Aaja Vai Dholna Tainoo Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan

Purray Dee Hava Challai Dil Maira Dolda
Kunbh Kunbh Javbaan Jadoon Kaan Kidhai Bolda
Aavain Tai Sunvaan Main Wichora Kmivain Marda
Aaj Vai Aprdaiseeya Tainoo Wasta Ee Payaar Da

Kaee Kaee Vaar Charai Kothai Tai,
Kum Rukdee Kaee Kaee Varee
Tum Bin Chain Na Sabr Yakeen Noo
Na Sundee Soorat Payaree

Na Dil Chain Na Sabr Hai Tainoon
Na Bhuldee Soorat Payaree
Ishaq Sataee Daivaan Duhaee
Nee Main Kardee Girya Zaaree

Aaj Jaa Sajna, Na Ja Sajna, Aa Ja Sajna, Na Ja Sajna
Toon Jitya Tai Main Haaree
Chaitee Aa Ja Dholna Tainoon Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan
O Sohntyana Tainoon Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan
O Mehramaan Tainoon Akhyaan Udeekdeeya
Mairai Dil Janyaan Tainoon Akhyaan Udeekdeeyaan”

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