Babu Moshai | OST: LOVE SHOT #4 – SCANDAL POINT | Gaurav Dagaonkar feat. Arunima Bhattacharya

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Original Song Credit

    Babu Moshai | OST: LOVE SHOT #4 – Scandal Point:
    COMPOSED BY: Gaurav Dagaonkar
    VOCALS: Arunima Bhattacharya
    LYRICS: Anurag Bhomia
    SONG PRODUCED BY: Gaurav Dagaonkar
    RECORDED BY: Tanveer Singh Kohli
    MIXED & MASTERED BY: Dipesh Sharma Batalvi

Cover Song Credit


Awesong - Music Redefined | April 2, 2016

Scandal Point is a quirky film about a cute, elderly couple reminiscing their younger days while having a candid conversation over chai. The OST for this, ; composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar and sung by the talented Arunima Bhattacharya is a quirky composition which not only keeps intact the old-world charm but also smartly weaves in contemporary, fun lyrics. We guarantee a high with this one… whether its love or otherwise.

Lyrics :-
Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High
, Don’t Be Shy
Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High
Aane Ki Aas Teri
Aankhon Mein Pyaas Meri
Mujhko Bada Lubhaaye
Laaye Jo Grass Bairi

O Pritam, When You Come
Lets Fly Into The Sky
Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High
, Don’t Be Shy
Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High
Bhoolen Sara Zamaana
Bas Hum Do Aur Malana
Baadal banein Jo Ghar Mein
Toh Weather Lagey Suhaana
Aur Puff Puff Lein jab Jab
Tab Sab Sundar Ho Jaaye

Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High
, Don’t Be Shy
Let’s Roll A Fat One And Get High”

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