Chhaap Tilak (ArtistAloud Version) | Ft. Piyush Mehroliyaa, Gaurav Dandekar, Sanjay K, Aura Chandel, Snehal Malgundkar, Divija Purohit

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Original Song Credit

    Amir Khusro

Cover Song Credit

    SINGER: Piyush Mehroliyaa, Gaurav Dandekar, Sanjay K,
    Aura Chandel, Snehal Malgundkar, Divija Purohit
    PRODUCER: Sanjay K.
    GUITARS AND BASS : Sanjay K.
    TABLA : Ratna Deep, Ameya Thakur, Manish Thumbare and Vivek Bhagwat
    DHOLAK : Manish Thumbare and RatnaDeep
    PERCUSSIONS : Manish Thumbare
    HARMONIUM : Piyush Meharoliya
    DOP – Tarun Ramani, Sahil Ramrakhia
    Production Assistants – Manoj Udasi, Sagar Mishra


Awesong - Music Redefined | January 7, 2016

’ is a Qawwali song composed by Amir Khusro, a 14th-century Sufi mystic, also known as the “father of qawwali. The song captures the infatuation of an admirer who is smitten by the beauty of his love interest in ways he cant help.”

Lyrics :-
“Chhāp tilak sab chīnī re mose nainā milāike
nainā milāike re mose nainā milāike
Chhāp tilak sab chīnī re mose nainā milāike
Prem bhakṭī kā madvā pilāike
Matvālī kar līnhī re mose nainā milāike
Gorī gorī baīyān, harī harī chuṛiyān
baīyān pakaṛ har līnhī re mose nainā milāike
Bal bal jāūn main tore rang rajvā
Apnī sī rang dinhī re mose nainā milāike
Khusro nijaam ke bal bal jaiye
Mohe suhāgan kīnhī re mose nainā milāike
Bāt ajab keh dīnī re mose nainā milāike”

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