Kya Jaanu Sajan (Cover Version) | Ft. Akriti Kakar | The Jam Room

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Original Song Credit

    Vocals :- Lata Mangeshkar
    Music :- R D Burman
    Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
    Movie: Baharon Ke Sapne

Cover Song Credit

    Vocals :- Akriti Kakar
    Music Arrangments :- Ajay Singha (Miko) @ The Jam Room S02


Awesong - Music Redefined | October 25, 2015

“Enjoy The Timeless Classics With A Modern Twist..
The Revival Of Evergreen Melodies With Renditions That Will Appeal To All Age Groups..”

Young, Upcoming Singers Sing Some Of The Most Memorable Bollywood Tracks That Have Been Beautifully Rearranged To Sound Modern And Contemporary While Retaining Their Core Melody, Their SOUL. Each Track Has Been Reworked To Give The Classics An All New Youthful ‘Sound’ And ‘Flavour’.

Here’s The Fourteenth.. From The Jam Room Season 2 “Kya Jaanu Sajan” In The Voice Of “Akriti Kakar”
Stay Tuned For More Tracks..

Lyrics :-
Aa aa..
(Kya janu sajan, hotee hai kya gham kee sham
Jal uthe sau diye, jab liya tera nam) – (2)
Kya janu sajan………..

(Kanto me mai khadee naino ke dwar peh
Nis din bahar ke dekhu sapne) – (2)
Chehre kee dhul kya chanda kee chandnee
Utaree toh reh gayee mukh peh apnee
(Kya janu sajan hotee hai kya gham kee sham
Jal uthe sau diye jab liya tera nam) – (2)
Kya janu sajan, hm hm hm hm..”

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