Raabta & Just The Way You Are | Ft. Millind Gaba

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“Two Lovely Song “Raabta & Just The Way You Are”
This Beautiful Mashup Is Recreated And Sung By “Millind Gaba”

“Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

I know, I know
When I compliment her she won’t believe me
And it’s so, it’s so
Sad to think that she don’t see what I see
But every time she asks me, “Do I look okay?”
I say,

When I see your face (face, face…)
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile (smile, smile…)
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are).

Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she’d let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think it’s so sexy
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday,

Oh you know, you know, you know
I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searching for
Then just stay the same
So don’t even bother asking if you look okay
You know I’ll say,”

Cover Song Credits:-
Song Title :- Raabta & Just The Way You Are
Singer :- Millind Gaba
Music Recreated :- Millind Gaba

Original Song Credits :-
Song: Raabta
Vocals: Arijit Singh
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Movie: Agent Vinod
Directed by: Sriram Raghavan

Song: Just The Way You Are
Vocals: Bruno Mars
Music: Bruno Mars
Lyrics: Bruno Mars

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