“Enjoy The Timeless Classics With A Modern Twist.The Revival Of Evergreen Melodies With Renditions That Will Appeal To All Age Groups.”

“Young, Upcoming Singers Sing Some Of The Most Memorable Bollywood Tracks That Have Been Beautifully Rearranged To Sound Modern And Contemporary While Retaining Their Core Melody, Their SOUL. Each Track Has Been Reworked To Give The Classics An All New Youthful ‘Sound’ And ‘Flavour’.

“Here The Twelfth One From The Jam Room Season 1 “Raat Ke Humsafar” In The Voice Of “Bhavya Pandit”

Lyrics :-
“Raat Ke Hamasafar,
Thak Ke Ghar Ko Chale
Jhuumati Aa Rahi
Hai Subah Pyaar Ki

Dekh Kar Saamane,
Ruup Ki Roshani
Phir Luti Jaa Rahi
Hai Subah Pyaar Ki

Raat Ne Pyaar Ke
Jaam Bhar Kar Diye
Aankhon Aankhon Se
Jo Main Ne Tumane Piye
Hosh To Ab Talaq
Jaa Ke Laute Nahin
Jaane Kyaa Laa Rahi
Hai Subah Pyaar Ki
Raat Ke Hamasafar”

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