The traditional ‘Sun Charkhe Di Mitthi Mitthi Koohk’ has been beautifully re-composed and blended with additional classical bandish and sargam in Raga Charukeshi by Arun Daga. This song is a treat for all the Punjabi lovers who have developed taste in Sufi and have their strings connected to Indian classical music. A song for people who are in love.

Lyrics :-
“Sun charkhe di miithi mithi khook
mahiya mainu yaad aawanda
meri dil viccho udthi e hook
mahiya mainyu aawnda

mahi aavega te khushiyan manavangi – 2
udehe rahavan vich akhiyan vichawangi
jaan chadi hai vichhorein ne fook
mahiya mainu yaad aawanda
sun charkhe di miithi mithi khook”

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