Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho (Cover) | Indie Routes Ft. Aabhas Joshi

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Original Song Credit

    Song: Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho
    Vocals :- Mohd. Rafi
    Music :- Madan Mohan
    Lyrics: Kaidi Azmi
    Movie: Hanste Zakhm (1973)
    Directed by: Chetan Anand

Cover Song Credit

    Vocals : Aabhas
    Acoustic Guitar : Shreyas
    Lead Guitar : Anmol
    Drums : Aryaman
    Percussions : Kahaan
    Bass Guitar : Paapu
    Music Arranged by Shreyas
    Sound designed by Niraj Singh
    Costumes : Harshita


Awesong - Music Redefined | March 2, 2016

Listen to this beautiful song “” in the voice of “Aabhas Joshi”

toh yeh lagta hai
Ke jahan mil gaya – (2)
Ek bhatke huye rahee ko,
carvan mil gaya

toh yeh lagta hai
Ke jahan mil gaya – (2)

Baitho naa dur hamse,
dekho khafa naa ho – (2)
Kismat se mil gaye ho,
milke juda naa ho – (2)
Meree kya khata hai,
hota hai yeh bhee
Ke jamee se bhee kabhee
aasama mil gaya
Ke jahan mil gaya

toh yeh lagta hai
Ke jahan mil gaya

Tum kya jano tum kya ho,
ek surila nagma ho
Bhigee raton me mastee,
tapte din me saya ho
Tum kya jano tum kya ho,
aab jo aa gaye ho, Jane naa dunga
ke mujhe ek hasin mehraban mil gaya
Ke jahan mil gaya

toh yeh lagta hai
Ke jahan mil gaya”

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