Vaishnava Janato (Cover) | Renaissance Ft. Vishnupriya Ravi , Animoog – Sudharshan Ashok

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Original Song Credit


Cover Song Credit

    Band - Renaissance
    Vocals - Vishnupriya Ravi
    Vocals, Animoog - Sudharshan Ashok
    Keys, Melodica - Anish Mohan
    Guitars - Naveen Samson Benjamin
    Bass - Reshwin Nishith
    Drums - Akshay Ganesh
    Violin - Shravan Sridhar
    Percussion - E Martin
    Mixed & mastered by Abin Pushkaran, Nadabindu Studios, Chennai
    A Mathrubhumi Kappa TV Production. All rights reserved.


Awesong - Music Redefined | July 10, 2016

Listen to this beautiful and peaceful Bhajan in the voice of Vishnupriya Ravi. Music recreated by Renaissance

Lyrics :-
“(Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
Peed Paraaye Jaane Re )-2
Par Dukkhe Upkaar Kare Toye
Man Abhiman Na Anne Re
Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

(Sakal Lok Maan Sahune Vandhe,)-2
Ninda Na Kare Kainee Re
Baach Kaachh, Man Nischal Raakhe,
Dhan-Dhan Jananee Tainee Re
Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

(Van-Lobhi Ne Kapat Rahit Chhe
Kaam-Krodh Nivaarya Re)-2
Bhane Narsaiyyo Tenu Darshan Karta
Kul Ekoter Taarya Re…
Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
Peed Paraaye Jaane Re
Par Dukkhey Upkar Karey Toyey
Man Abhiman Na Anne Re

(Vaishnav Jan To)-12 “

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