Yaad Piya Ki Aaye (Unplugged) | Ft. Harini Rao

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Original Song Credit

    Vocals :- Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
    Music :- Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Cover Song Credit

    Harini Rao


Awesong - Music Redefined | September 24, 2015

Listen to this beautiful cover of in the voice of Harini Rao.

Lyrics :-
– (2)
Aa aa aa…… aaye re aaye re yaad,
Yeh dukh saha na jaaye raam, haaye raam
Bairi koyaliya kuk sunaaye re raam
Haan bairi koyaliya kuk sunaaye raam
Bairi koyali….. kuk…. kuk sunaaye
Kuk sunaaye, kuk sunaaye kuk…. kuk….
Bairi koyaliya haay kuk sunaaye raam
Mujh birhan ka jiyaara jalaaye
Haan ?? raha na jaaye raam haay raam
haaye raam

Baali umariya suni re sajaniya re baa…
Baali umariya, baali umariya
Baali umariya baali, baa…..aa aa aa…
Baali baa…. li umariya re baa
Baa…. aa aa… baa.. aa aa aa…
Baali umariya baali….
Baa… aa aa aa…
Baali umariya ra…
Haay suni re sajaniya re
Baali umariya suni re sajriya
Jauban beeton jaaye raam, haaye raam
Re yeh dukh saha na jaaye raam, haay raam
haaye raam
aa aa aa aa…”

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