About Awesong.in

One and only radical platform for talented artists ever since it's inception in 2014.

A Bit of History

Two brothers, both music enthusiasts, came together to convert their common passion into their profession. Initially, started providing different versions of songs to friends informally. With increased popularity and appreciation, decided to create a common platform and named it Awesong.in

Great Music Platform

Awesong.in is a digitally equipped music platform which has proved to be truly revolutionary project. This musical startup has the capability of satisfying the dynamic needs of today's youth as it creates and releases fresh cover songs.

Artists Relation

This venture facilitates budding artists to showcase their talent before the digitally active audience. Also, during its journey so far, Awesong.in has got immense support from already well established artists in the music industry.

Cover Songs
Prominent Artists
Loyal Listeners

Right place to reach among mass audience in just one go.

The basic concept behind this adventurous venture lies in effective marketing. Determined to capture the latest technology based marketing area.. And apparently, having achieved digital marketing mastery now.

What makes us different? Our work, our passion and our people.

Pallav Jain Co Founder
I am Punctual

The front face of Awesong when it comes to connections with a singer.

Kartik Jain Co-Founder
I am Creative

An Optimist Enterepreneur, Innovative Person With An Engineer's Mind, Traveller and Initiator ...!!!

Kanika Content Writer and Digital Strategist
I am Creative

Avid knowledge-seeker, Constantly strive to explore new things, Value opinions of others, Risk-taker by nature, A music addict and a very proud Indian. Straight forward and still a socially admirable personality.

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