A Confession to Every Father on this Father’s Day

Every son loves his ‘Maa’ and expresses this, time and again on various occasions and if not on any, then, surely on Mother’s day. This expression of love, care and belongingness for ‘Mom’ may be private or outspoken; but there is another pillar of parenthood, gratitude towards which largely goes unrealized or even if realized on a few occasions, rarely expressed!!!

Yes, our friends, our passionate readers; today on the very special occasion of Father’s day, we bring to you, our special tributary song, ‘Iqbaliya Bayaan’, which we are sure, is the theme track for all the sons today.
Be it India or any part of the world, daughters are considered to be Dad’s Princess, undoubtedly, much closer to their fathers than their bros. Most likely father-son relationship remains behind the scenes much because of the hesitant nature of the duo towards expression.

While on the one hand, a father never expresses his love in words (rather keeps enquiring about the material things), on the other hand, son is rarely able to talk about his own dreams and aspirations (instead keep hiding the things to avoid confrontation). Again, Mom plays the communication bridge between both.

Well, it’s not that the son doesn’t care about his parents’ wishes; but, the fear has created a huge gap between them for over the years now. For Dads, there is always an ideal personality like whom they wish their sons to be; but, lest they realize that only the monetary success or societal reputation doesn’t guarantee the happiness of a person. It’s always wondered why don’t they ever try to know what are the inner feelings of their young lads. Why running in a ruthless race is so damn important???

Do you remember the song from Aamir Khan’s Qayamat se Qayamat tak, ‘Papa khete hain bada naam krega, beta hamara aisa kam karega.. magar ye to, koi na jane, ke meri manzil hai kahan…..’ Not allowed to persue own’s interest, young souls are left with no choice but to continue chasing their dreams secretly. Leave alone expecting support, the fear of being scolded make them unwanted liars. Till date, you feel like being a culprit; culprit of not living up to your dad’s expectations, culprit of not being an ideal son.

But, what if you had compromised on your dream, what if you had stopped pursuing it….. that’s how you would have lost yourself!!! Well, now it’s the time to shed off this burden by speaking up the truth; to confess all your mistakes and express all your feelings. And we bet, no better way than this heartfelt lyrical number is there to do so. It’s “An ODE to your Dad”.

So what are you waiting for??? For god’s sake, don’t hesitate now, send this one to your ‘dear Papa’ and experience what follows…….

We wish you luck for the new and refreshing bond you are going to develop this Father’s day.
Penning down for now, keep reading!!!

Author : Kanika Goyal

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