Know your favourite 90’s Divas better

Madhuri’s Ek Do Teen, Sridevi’s Hawa Hawai, Kajol’s chemistry with the great Srk and so on…. These are some of those thousands of emotions which only 90’s people can feel. The on-screen acting skills of these superstars would take your heart out. Everytime any of the 90’s song gets played, we wish to stop all other chores and enjoy those tracks.

Today let’s know some off-screen incidents or facts related to your favourite 90’s divas who probably made your childhood or teenage, a bliss.

First female superstar of 90’s era is… none other than the super gorgeous and graceful actress Madhuri Dixit. She made her bollywood debut in 1984 in the movie “Abodh” which didn’t get much of Box office success. Do you know that our professionally Kathak trained dancing queen was interested in micro-biology and wanted to become a pathologist? But as the destiny would have decided for her, being such a big star, she ended up doing 3-4 movies in a year in 90’s.

Remember “Nisha” in the epic movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun??? You would be surprised to know that Madhuri Dixit was paid more than Salman Khan for this superhit movie.


Whom would you call the “Makeup Stereotype Breaker” of all times??? It’s undoubtedly the outspoken and happy-go nature, our one and only Simran….Kajol. Made her debut from movie Bekhudi in 1992 but Bazigaar was her first commercially successful movie. From there on, the never ending silsila of Kajol-Shahrukh blockbuster pair started. It’s been a record that all the movies featuring them together, became instant superhit on Box office.

Kajol became the first woman to win a Filmfare award for negative role in her movie “Gupt”. Do you know, number ‘5’ has been considered as lucky for this star actress and the evergreen superhit ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaege’ was also released in 1995.

Well, it’s rightly said that it’s difficult to attain stardom but it’s more difficult to maintain it. But Kajol is one such rare personality to carried off her fame with so much wisdom that she was never involved in any sort of controversies or multiple link-ups with her co-actors. She started dating actor Ajay Devgn during the shooting of movie ‘Gundaraj’ and got married to him later on.


Who can forget the iconic “Chandanilook, a character played by the all time on-screen cheerful Srideviji. Director Yash Chopra ji had selected the great Rekhaji for the title role of chandani but since the later had already played a character with the same name in one of her earlier films, so she refused and recommended Sridevi’s name for the movie. And the rest is history.

Although Sri had started acting in 80’s, she kept ruling the silver screen throughout the 90’s decade. From late Shri Rajesh Khanna ji to the then young Salman Khan, this diva worked with almost all the actors. Actresses Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla consider her to be their inspiration.


Hoping that we helped you increase your knowledge base about some of your most favourite actresses, we assure you some more interesting and lessor known facts about some other queens of 90s in the next write-up of this series.

Author : Kanika Goyal

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