Latest Punjabi Song ‘Oh Rabba’ for your Loved ones

Oh Rabba - Latest Punjabi Song by Mann Taneja

Hey folks!!! Wishing to add something new and fresh to your music list? We bring you the Latest Punjabi Song for your loved one !!

Well then! Let us do the job for you; because we are “Music Redefined”. And wait, don’t worry, we are not going to Bollywood lanes this time, because it’s time for some “Indie Music”. Yes, you heard it right… Indie music aka independent music is the one that features only “talent” and that too without Bollywood aide.

Let’s First watch music video of this Latest Punjabi Song

Independent music is that form of art in which an artist creates or produces music independently. You can expect a list of unknown or less popular names in the release of such kind of music.

Okay!!! Now, let’s come to the brand new song “Oh Rabba”, sung by Mann Taneja, who is a Mumbai based artist. This guy has made an appreciable attempt to ring in your love chords once again and that too with Punjabi lyrics and made this latest punjabi song.

No!!! That doesn’t mean that you have to put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance on Bhangra beats. Rather, this song voices the feelings of a lonely heart that makes a desperate attempt to express his agony of separation from his love. At times, it’s only when on seperation, you start missing someone’s company and realise that love has sneeked into your heart. Now, you wanna god to do some miraculous fortunes to bring back the love of your life.
Suppose you are in the state of confession, and this song would just fit in perfect sync with your feelings. The soothing music in the background would surely paint a love-socked picture in your mind as you prepare yourself for the intended proposal.

Oh wait!!! Have you already started humming the lyrics of song??? Yes, you have rightly discovered that each word is so simple yet so impactful that you can connect with it personally. That’s the ISP of this number.

So….. Let’s listen to this soulful track and live an another moment in love…

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Author : Kanika Goyal

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