This monsoon collection will make you feel love, ‘once again’

And the Monsoon is back!!!

Yes friends, monsoon, undoubtedly the best part of the year for every music enthusiast and need not to mention, for all the love birds; as their love blossoms up to new heights in the dreamy weather of monsoon. We have picked some best songs for you and moreover you can download mp3 version of that song from the link given below the each video.

You would surely affirm the fact that usually romantic dates are postponed for a couple of months owing to scorching heatwaves of summer only to be rescheduled to rainy days of monsoon.

You may feel like flying with the air like a free bird who is free from any boundation. The feeling of eternal happiness is so beautifully expressed in this song from movie Milan.

Sawan Ka Mahina – Keerthi Sagathia

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The pleasant monsoon weather spreads freshness and positivity all around. You feel like standing up again and re-energising yourself to walk up to your success path. Those refreshing raindrops, that earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil, those pale yellow tree leaves fallen on the roadsides, instills in you the zeal of living your life to the fullest.

What could be more satisfying than walking up to a lonely road on a rainy day with earphones ploughed in and listening to this motivational Blooywood number.

How many times it has happened that you have gone crazy seeing a girl dancing and enjoying the rains fearlessly??? Imagine yourself mesmorized on seeing a young lady dance on this beautiful romantic song.

Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi | Sanam ft. Aishwarya Majmudar

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All the boys out there, this is probably the most beautiful way of getting bowled out over that natural and childish laughter of a girl. And you may completely relate to Rim Jhim Gire Sawan (Manzil) from melodious 80s.

Rim Jhim Gire Sawan | Bhavya Pandit Ft. Harsh Davda

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It’s like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’…… or “Dil Le Gayi Le Gayi, Dil Le Gayi Le Gayi”…..!!!

Well, our Bollywood understands your feelings very well and that is why songs like , Dil Ye Bechain Ve (Taal) from Naughty 90s and Shaam (Aisha).It makes your heart beep like a young lad.

Shaam (Cover) | Raghav Chaitanya

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The most difficult stage in love life is to express your feelings. It can actually give you haunting days and nights preparing to propose the love of your life. And what if, you are a female who wishes to convey to her love interest about what she feels??? Well that’s a bit unusual as it is least expected from a lady to take the initiative. But here’s a one of its kind track for you sweethearts..

Laiyan Laiyan Cover | Akshay Agarwal

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And don’t worry guys, Bollywood has yet again proved to be your saviour. Just tune in to this melodious number beautifully picturised on none other then your lovable Imran Hashmi, prepare it decently and start humming whenever you get into an apt situation;

Mere Bina – The Kroonerz Project | Sahiljeet Singh

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Now, just imagine, you are on your honeymoon, where both of you feel a strange nervousness (especially in case of arrange marriage) and excitement at the same time. This number is dedicated to you…

Yeh Nayan Dare Dare – Tum Pukar lo – Na Tum Hame Jano | (MAGAN Mashup Cover)

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Some songs are such timeless creations which will remain evergreen forever. No matter which generation it is, these songs maintain their everlasting relevance. One such Bollywood’s milestone creation is Tere Mere Milan Ki Ye Raina from movie Abhimaan

Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina | Sanah Moidutty ft Jasper Joseph

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It’s cover version adds on more flavour to it.

Are you on a Romantic date with your better half, at an isolated, quiet but cool place. Away from all the daily life matters and concerns, on a sea beach. Yes, it’s just You Two and the rain….!!! So just tune in to this naughty and playful number – Saagar Kinare (Saagar) and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Saagar Kinare (The Unwind Mix) | Arnab Chakraborty & Anwesshaa

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What if you have already spent some years together with your partner! Does that mean your life is restricted to normal routine life only? Well, it’s high time for both of you to talk some time off your busy life, put your arms around your beloved and walk hand in hand in this monsoon season. For you we have this melody to accompany you;

Aapki Ankhon Mein Kuch (Ghar)

Aapki Aankhon Mein Cover by Abhay Jodhpurkar ft. Bhavya Pandit

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So freinds, in whatever mood you are, wherever you are, just listen to these songs and feel the essence of the beauty of this awesome weather. We shall be right back with our Part 2 in a short while. Till then, keep listening to the Music and keep enjoying this Monsoon season. And yes, don’t forget to write in your views in the comment box.

Author : Kanika Goyal

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