Wet eyes says it all – revealed in this golden melody Zindagi Mein Koi Kabhi Aaye Na Rabba from the movie Musafir

“Zindgi Mein Kabhi Koi Aaye Na Rabba, Aaye Jo Koi To Phir Jaaye Na Rabba”

– isn’t is too deep!!! The very first line of the song depicts the helplessness of a girl with broken heart. In addition to it, the deep saddening voice of the singer hits you right in the core of your heart.

We all suffer heartbreak at some or the point of our life but those who are bitten up in love will surely have goosebumps listening this track.

I guess, all or atleast most of our readers have come across that phase of life when they say, ” O God, either give don’t give us happy times or if given, don’t take them away”.

All this happens when one attaches each and every niche of his life events with one and only one mate.
Friends!!! If u feel your eyes wet while listening this soothing number… This means you are feeling its lyrics…you are feeling its flow and you are feeling the pain.

The artist treats god to be the helper of last resort here after human brain surrenders wholeheartedly.
We often complain that we have least or no control over our heart especially in case of love, things just keep on happening own their own without giving enough time to think the right or wrong. And the situation becomes more complicated when you tend to loose your ability to decide the right/wrong. One just keeps on moving with the flow.

So guys, if you are still undecided about listening this song; believe us, give it a try and download it. Lets come out of our busy noisy life, put off the lights and grab your earphones/headphones meanwhile its getting downloaded. Sit and relax in your resting room and enjoy the cover song version of this heartfelt number.

Watch Here :-

We are firmly believe you will appreciate her effort. Please share the song with your loved ones 🙂

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