Inspirational Mashup | Mohit & The Gunsmith

Inspirational Mashup | Mohit & The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith | 507 Listens

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Listen to this beautiful mashup in the voice of Mohit & The Gunsmith.

Lyrics :-
The Gunsmith’s Rap Verse 1:

I just wanna make the world clap like qawwalis
I just wanna light your eyes up like Diwali
Call me Mr. Gunsmith, don’t forget the mister
Running after my goals till I got blisters
My ambition taller than Himalaya mountains
So I walk with the swagger of a f-kin brown king
We all running out of time, I’m efficient though
Because God sent me back to earth on a mission, bro (Yeah)
And when the mission is done, we gon’ party boys
Me and Mohit the tag team, just like The Hardy Boyz
I’m The Terminator get down cuz I don’t stop trying
I’m The Terminator, keep shooting I am not dying
Beast mode like Prabhas, call me Baahubali
Beast mode like Ranveer Singh in Khalibali
When I step out of my gaadi you go half mad
#BestBrownRapperAlive will be the hashtag.

The Gunsmith Rap Verse 2:

I leave girls blushing when I rap
Your boy with the mic is like Sachin with the bat
There’s nothing that I lack
I push myself until my body hurts
I lose until I win then you call me Baazigar
Me and Mohit like Karan Arjun
So we call Rakhee ‘Mom’
Me and Mohit ready to rumble let’s get our Rocky on
No not Stallone, I’m talkin Sanjay
I’m about to fly to my dreams
Watch me take off from the runway.

Original Song Credit

1. Har Maidan Fateh - Sukhwinder Singh (Music: Vikram Montrose - This is a bad ass name btw / Album: Sanju - 2018).

2. Woh Sikandar hi Doston - Udit Narayan / Sadhna Sargam (Music: Jatin-Lalit / Album: Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar - 1992)

3. Ziddi Dil - Vishal Dadlani (Music: Pritam / Album: Mary Kom - 2014)

4. Solo - Clean Bandit / Demi Lovato - 2018

Cover Song Credit

Mohit & The Gunsmith